[Typo3] trouble with HTTrack

Claus Bruun claus at typoconsult.dk
Thu Mar 31 15:04:45 CEST 2005

[useragent=teleport] will work, but [useragent=HTTrack] wont.
HTTrack will be [useragent=unknown], unless it identifies as mozilla of 
some flavour, then it will be [useragent=netscape]

- Claus

Pierre Rouwens wrote:
> hi list,
> I've some troubles with some website "aspirateur" dunno the english term 
> of this (act of download the whole site to a local machine), i know 
> which user agent to stop but how can i do this.
> i've think about put a condition in my template something like
> [useragent=*HTTrack*][useragent=*teleport*]
> page = PAGE
> page.10 = TEXT
> page.10.value = no aspiration please
> [else]
> my "normal" template
> [global]
> does it sound right to you ??
> thanks for any advice in advance
> Pierre Rouwens

Claus Bruun
+45 46 761 994
claus at typoconsult.dk

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