Fwd: Re: [Typo3] AWstats for windows

Daniel Rahenkamp Daniel.Rahenkamp at sdhc.k12.fl.us
Wed Mar 30 16:15:12 CEST 2005

Daniel Rahenkamp,NewIDEAS writes:
>The instructions for getting it up and running on IIS are in the /docs
>folder once you 
>get it installed.  Yes they are.  I just looked.  Just bring up the
>file and it's right there.

Humm not in my setup... I did just download and reinstall AWStats. All
that is in my /docs folder is.

AWstats   (folder)

Any idea where I can find these docs?
>Just an aside:  I don't know how much input you have over which web
>server you 
>use, but once you can get past the lack of GUI interface with Apache's
>setup, it's 
>really a more stable and robust server, and since it doesn't interact
>directly with the 
>OS, it's a bit easier to contain.  Since I moved to Apache2, there's not
>too much I 
>can't do in a Win32 environment that's currently being done in linux.  I
>found that 
>using IIS, while I *could* do most things, it involved a kludge of some
>sort.  Running 
>Perl and PHP as a cgi, which you have to do with IIS, is a real
>performance hit on a 

I have total control of this server and we have been migrating some older
ASP files to PHP. Unless there is a way to run ASP on Apache then I will
unfortunately have to stick with IIS for a while. I have used Apache
before and it IS the direction I am going in but I am still obligated to
keep these ASP apps going until I can convert them to PHP.


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