[Typo3] AWstats for windows

Amy Stinson tzaia at stinsonfamily.com
Wed Mar 30 15:31:51 CEST 2005

On 29 Mar 2005 at 15:21, Daniel Rahenkamp wrote:

> Hi List,.
> I just read the AWstats thread and it triggered a question I have been
> meaning to ask. We are running Windows with IIs not Apache. I have
> looked at the docs for AWstats and do not see any instructions on how
> to configure this setup. Has anyone set this up with a Windows box
> running IIs? If so can you point me to the instructions. Thanks in
> advance.

The instructions for getting it up and running on IIS are in the /docs folder once you 
get it installed.  Yes they are.  I just looked.  Just bring up the awstats_setup.html 
file and it's right there.

Just an aside:  I don't know how much input you have over which web server you 
use, but once you can get past the lack of GUI interface with Apache's setup, it's 
really a more stable and robust server, and since it doesn't interact directly with the 
OS, it's a bit easier to contain.  Since I moved to Apache2, there's not too much I 
can't do in a Win32 environment that's currently being done in linux.  I found that 
using IIS, while I *could* do most things, it involved a kludge of some sort.  Running 
Perl and PHP as a cgi, which you have to do with IIS, is a real performance hit on a 


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