[Typo3] Date formats for task force extension

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Tue Mar 29 19:12:18 CEST 2005

Hi list.

I'm currently working on a new extension called "task force".
It will be a suite of different plugins for collaboration or to name it with
the buzzword: "groupware".
The first plugin I am currently working on is a basic projectlist with a
sublist for tasks and other elements like "begin" "estimated end" and so on.
Project members will be editing content from a separate FE interface only.
No backend access (except for admins). Checking of the input is done
serverside with PHP. So no default TYPO3 javascript will be used. I
remembered a thread about problems with the US date format a few days ago
and so there is a very simple question, almost anybody of you could answer.
To make the extension "international" I need to know:

What is the common format for date and time in your country?

In Germany we have
dd.mm.yy - hh:mm
so that
13.12.05 - 13:00
will be
13. Dezember 2005 - 13°° Uhr

If you use other separators in your country, please tell me about that too.
(i. e. something like 12/13/2005 | 13/00)

But keep in mind, that I don't want to know the format you prefer personally
but the one that is used by almost everybody in your country.



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