[Typo3] complex multicolor menus

Guillaume JULLIEN g.jullien at free.fr
Tue Mar 29 08:05:29 CEST 2005


I'd use the following TypoScript for the level 1 menu

temp.topMenu = HMENU
temp.topMenu.1 = TMENU
temp.topMenu.1 {
   NO.allWrap = <div class="topnav{elementUid}">&nbsp; | &nbsp;</div>
   NO.subst_elementUid = 1
   # if you want a different color when activated
   ACT = 1
   ACT.allWrap = <div class="topnavact">&nbsp; | &nbsp;</div>


<td id="topnav">
<div class="topnavno"><a href="#">navigation one</a></span>
<div class="topnavact"><a href="#">navigation two</a></span>

and CSS

.topnav1 {background-color: red}
.topnav2 {background-color: green}

I know this is not complete (no level 2). It's a way to dig.


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