[Typo3] New Plugin: How to insert a selector box in the BE

Mischa Koning t3 at xoning.com
Mon Mar 28 11:07:45 CEST 2005

thanks for the quick responses. Have read the Core API doc again and it
the best way to get this done is indeed the FlexForm option. Something new
learn  :o)


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Hi there,

--- Mischa Koning <t3 at xoning.com> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have successfully written my own extension (a front-end plugin in PHP,
> using the kickstarter) and need now to have a function like in tt_news,
> where the admin can make the selection LIST, LATEST, AMENU etcetera.
> The content element type with LIST should go in the main culumn of the
> page,
> the second in the border column.
> Everything has been prepared but the only thing I can't work out is the
> selector box in the backend.
> Maybe another option is to use a TSconfig field but it's also not clear
> how
> to get that in the BE?
> I assume the selector box will then create a config-var that you can have
> access to with $this->conf["variable."], right? At least that's what
> tt_news
> seems to use.
> Could anyone direct me in the right direction?

Yes :) First there the video tutorials - search this page:


...for the phrase 'Frontend Plugin Development'. There are 11 videos about
how to build frontend plugins.

Secondly, there's the API documentation:


[At least part of] your specific question is answered in section 4.2.9, but
IMO it's probably just as well to use the kickstarter to build the BE
interface elements.


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