[Typo3] Template section won't work

Joey Dwyer joey at playnames.net
Mon Mar 28 00:03:29 CEST 2005

 Hi list -

I am following the tutorial for Modern Template Building 2, and was having
trouble with switching to use the Template Auto Parser instead of the FILE
cObject. Each time I did it, the front-end page kept showing up blank. So, I
just continued to complete more changes as specified in the tutorial. I
changed the template record's Setup field with the following typoscript:

plugin.tx_automaketemplate_pi1.content < plugin.tx_nwstmpl_pi1

(my extension is named nwstmpl)

After I did this, I can no longer view any of the panes for the template
section in the back end. When I click on "Template" at the far left of the
back end, I can view "Template Tools" in the far right, but if I try to
click on any actual page, or to select a page from the "Template Tools", my
browser just tries to load it forever and eventually times out and can't
find the page. What did I mess up? It's possible that I typed something
wrong, but I can't even get back into the template to see what I did.

Just in case it's related to it, I have copied the text from tx_nwstmpl_pi1
below (minus copyright to save space):


// Code copied from tutorial Modern Template Building 2

class tx_nwstmpl_pi1 extends tslib_pibase {
    var $prefixId = "tx_tmplselect_pi1";        // Same as class name
    var $scriptRelPath = "pi1/class.tx_nwstmpl_pi1.php";    // Path to this
script relative to the extension dir.
    var $extKey = "nwstmpl";    // The extension key.
     * Reads the template-html file which is pointed to by the selector box
on the page 
     * and type parameter send through TypoScript.
     * cObject (Content Object)
     * @param    string    Empty content string passed. Not used.
     * @param    array    TypoScript properties that belongs to this Content
     * @return    string    The content of the required file.
    function main($content,$conf)    {
            // configuration of paths for template files:
        $confArray = array(
            "main" => "fileadmin/template/main/",
            "sub" => "fileadmin/template/sub/"

            // Getting the "type" from the input TypoScript configuration:
        switch((string)$conf['templateType'])        {
            case 'sub':
                $templateFile =
                $relPath = $confArray['sub'];
            case 'main':
                $templateFile =
                $relPath = $confArray['main'];

            // Setting templateFile reference to the currently selected
value - or the default if not set:
        $templateFile = $templateFile ? $templateFile :

        if ($relPath) {    // If a value was found, we dare to continue:
                // Get Absolute Filepath:
            $absFilePath =

            if ($absFilePath && @is_file($absFilePath))    {
                $content = t3lib_div::getUrl($absFilePath);

                return $content;

Thanks in advance,

Joey Dwyer, Partner
PlayNames Publishing, LLC

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