re [typo3] typo3 vs plone. what are strenghts and weaknesses

robert robert at
Sat Mar 26 20:50:22 CET 2005

J.M. Foster wrote:

> Hello-
> I don't know whether this will help you with your research.
> You can find comprehensive comparisons of CMS
> platforms, including Plone and TYPO3. Ratings in various
> categories are supplied and side by side comparisons
> possible. Good Luck !

Thanks Julie,

I have been on that site before. However it is not the raw list of 
features I am looking for.
I believe that both systems can boost a very impressive array of 

What I am looking for is information on how each of the systems 
performed during a
reasonable stretch of time.
How easy/difficult is it to learn
How easy is it to adapt.
How stable is it, how stable are the modules.
How compatible are versions, how easy can I upgrade from one version to 
the other.

I *intend* (I still shy away from the huge investment in learning a new 
environment this would entail)
to use Typo3 in a reasonably large Project we are about to engage 
ourselfs in. (We do it for free so it is
a big loss anyhow).


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