[Typo3] converting the date

Stanislas Rolland stanislas.rolland at fructifor.com
Sat Mar 26 03:55:37 CET 2005

Hi Ahmad,
> I am in Iran and our official calender in our country is a calender other than CHRISTIAN DATE , it named HIJRI DATE , we use them both together , so I need to add our official date to TYPO3 and mostly tt_news extension . I have the date convertor function for it . the function gets 3 part of the christian date YYYY-MM-DD and separate 3 part of the date and returns converted date. 
> Is it possible to call this function by typoscript and print the returned result into a TYPO3 page ? 
I would think that if the locale is installed on your server, you should 
be able set config.locale_all = fa_IR in your TS template and get the 
date in the proper format.


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