[Typo3] Indexed Search - Root PIDs

Brian Slezak Brian.Slezak at cor.org
Fri Mar 25 21:05:39 CET 2005

We are running a website that has templates applied at multiple levels.  The problem is that it seems we have to specify each one of these in the rootPIDList property for them to show up in the search results.  If we assign the -1 value to rootPIDList, all pages in our site will be searched on, and the pages we expect to see in the list are there.  When we start assigning PIDs to this property, entire sub trees that are using a different templates drop off the results list, and only these sub trees with different templates applied to them have this problem.

The results page is near the top of our page-tree, with only one template being applied to it.  Within the above 'one template' is where we're specifying the PID for rootPIDList.

If the pages are being cached, do not have 'no search' or 'no cache' checked, have TYPO3SEARCH tags implemented, etc - is there something in the other templates that could be stopping them from showing up in the results?  

If we add them to the rootPIDList, they immediately show up in the results.  Why would we need to specify more than one rootPID if all these pages are underneath it?

All help appreciated.

Brian Slezak
brian.slezak at cor.org

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