[Typo3] Print Single view pages

Jogvan Olsen jo at atlanticvideo.dk
Fri Mar 25 14:33:35 CET 2005

I use make_printlink v.1.5.0 to make print friendly versions of my webpages.

In my TS setup I have this setup for make_printlink:
   include_post_vars = 1
   on_user_int = 1

It works fine on all normal pages, but when I try to print a single view 
from tt_products, a single view from sp_directery or a single view News from 
tt_news it doesn't work anymore. Instead of making a print friendly of 
Single view, it generates a print friendly version of List view.

My tt_products (Shop system (extended by ZK)) is setup to use 'pages as 
categories'. I display list view and single view on the same page. This page 
also contains all the products for the category.

The url for single view looks like this:

When I click 'Print version', this url generated by make_printlink for the 
print friendly version:
The last part '&tt_products=15' of the url is missing in the print friendly 

I have tried to set 'plugin.tt_products.PIDitemDisplay = 42'. My single view 
is displayed on the new page, but when I select 'Print Version' I get this 
massage: 'Wrong parameters, GET/POST var 'tt_products' was missing.' on my 
print friendly page.

When I try to print a single address for sp_directory I have the same 
problem - the last part of the url that point to the single address is 
missing in my print friendly version.

When I try to print a single news from tt_news I get a 'no news_id' message 
on my print friendly version.

Can anybody tell me what I am missing and how I can fix this, so I can print 
single view products, single addresses and single view news?

I am using this plugins:

CSS styled content
Template Auto-parser
Page Template Selector
Address list
Shop system (extended by ZK)
Address Directory
Make Print Link

Thanks in advance

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