AW: AW: [Typo3] default language settings to german not working

JoH info at
Thu Mar 24 22:17:40 CET 2005

> This doesn't help. I still got the english terms in search form.
> I also cleard all caches - deleted all the files and cleared database.
> In my Objekt Browser the translation is there:
> = Suchen
> Any ideas out there to display the german text?
>>> Has this something to do with:
>> don't think so...
>>> There is also a little script at
>> which responses 'Preferred
>> locale for german on this system is 'de_DE at euro'
>> if this is your LAMP try:
>> config.local_all = de_DE at euro
>> in your setup field.

Maybe it's just a "typo" in your TypoScript:

config.local_all = de_DE at euro
has to be
config.locale_all = de_DE at euro
and = Suchen
has to be = Suchen

and I am not sure if there are stdWrap properties for "label" in this
dataArray. So maybe "lang" doesn't work here.

BTW: Why don't you simply set the label itself with language specifications
done by conditions? = Suchen
[globalVar = GP:L=1] = Search
[globalVar = GP:L=2] = Lookielookie


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