[Typo3] Losing Constants, Setup when creating new page

Nancy Carroll nancy.carroll at carroll.de
Wed Mar 23 08:25:28 CET 2005

grant hudson wrote:
> Hi List,
> Whenever I create a new page, there are no constants or setup 
> information created, although I have this information on every other 
> page of my website.  After creating a new page and select "Template" 
> from the main menu, it says there is no template for this page.   I set 
> the root level flag on the homepage, so these values should be inherited 
> by subsequent pages in the website, right?  Is there a way to have 
> constants and setup info be automatically generated whenever I create a 
> new page?

Hi Grant,

The constants and set-up for all pages are inherited from the root 
page-template.  Maybe you are confused because a new page-template is 
not also automatically generated for each page?  This is because it's 
not necessary.

You do need to explicitly put a template on a new page, for instance if 
you want to override a setting from your root template.

BTW, to get rid of all those extra page-templates you might have created 
  trying to figure out how this works - use the List module, you can 
delete your page templates there without having to delete your pages and 
start over...  <wink>

Hope this helps.

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