[Typo3] labels in the TCA

Michael Wolf michael.wolf at tudock.de
Tue Mar 22 18:48:15 CET 2005

hello list,

I 've got problems with labeling in the TCA section.
I have two tables, artists and cds. There is a database relation in the cds
table to the artist table. The label of the artist is of course the name of
the artist. The label of the cds should be the name of artist combined with the
title of the cd. When I set the label of the cds to artist, then the label of
the cds is the uid of the artist, not the name of the artist like it should
A solution could be to set the type of the database relation to a selector
box. Then it works and the name of the artist appears. But there are too
many artists and I need to navigate with the element browser.
Someone there to help me?

Michael Wolf
TUDOCK - www.tudock.de

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