[Typo3] TemplaVoila and condition [IP]

Frank Daeuble daeuble at gmx.de
Mon Mar 21 21:31:24 CET 2005

Kraft Bernhard wrote:
> More a fact than an idea: [ELSE] is no valid condition ...
> Try:
> --------------snip-----------------------
> 10=TEXT
> 10.value = Kein Zugriff
> [ip =]
>   10 = RECORDS
>   10.source.current=1
>   10.tables = tt_content
> [end]
> --------------snip-----------------------

First of all thanks for your answer, but your solution also doesen't 
work - did you tried it with templavoila?
And why is [ELSE] no condition?? the doku on 
says that there are [ELSE] conditions - and i used it on several pages 
before. i think it is a templavoila problem.


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