[Typo3] trouble with multi language site

Wes Rood wes9999 at myfastmail.com
Mon Mar 21 20:44:32 CET 2005

Alain wrote:

> Wes Rood a écrit :
>> I have a demo here:  http://typo3test.wdr.no-ip.com/  because it's 
>> too difficult to explain in words.
>> For the first 3 menu items, there is content available in 2 alternate 
>> languages (&L=1 and &L=2, see the language switcher at the bottom of 
>> the page)
>> For the last menu item (privacy policy) there is no translation, only 
>> the default english language.  When viewing that page in an alternate 
>> language, it correctly defaults to the English version, however, the 
>> menu text for the first 3 items switches back to English.
>> .. snip..
> I have the same problem. If a translation does not exist, I would like 
> to display the page in the default language while not changing all the 
> menus to the defaukt language.
> So, if you find a solution, inform the newsgroup ! I'll to the same if 
> find myself!
> Regards.
> Alain

Well, at least my problem is confirmed!   I'm evaluating whether we can 
use typo3 for a multilingual site, and I'm frustrated trying to figure 
out if this is a bug, or whether I just did something wrong during the 
tutorial.  I'm sure it's not a bug, considering the many multilingual 
typo3 sites I see out there...

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