[Typo3] E-Cardia Payment

Rainer Kuhn kuhn at punkt.de
Mon Mar 21 13:27:26 CET 2005

Jennifer Armour wrote:
> Anyone know why I would be experiencing NuSoap Client failure......every
> time I load the page that has the e-cardia plugin???

Hi Jennifer,

if you've configured an the "audit log output directory" for "PT_PAYMENT" in 
Constant Editor, you follow what happens while the error occurs, maybe this 
could give you a clue... Do you get the error message "SOAP client error" or 
"SOAP client fault"?

One more thing: did your Cardia ePayment plugin work before or did you got 
this problem from the beginning? I experienced some problems (but _no_ 
NuSoap Client failure when calling the page) using the Cardia interface some 
time ago with a website running fine last year and I guess they changed some 
things in their API, but I'm still waiting for a detailled reaction from 
Cardia. When they give me the necessary information, I'm going to publish a 
new version of the pt_payment plugin.


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