[Typo3] Cannot edit Records

Parul parul at srijan.co.in
Mon Mar 21 08:16:15 CET 2005

Hi ,

I have posted an article regarding the subject of this mail on the list earlier. Just to recap the problem......I have created an extension using kickstarter. This extension creates a new table say 'testatble' and has a field say 'testfield' .In the type_field i have one of the fields of this table selected say(display_record:Record). I have taken care to uncheck the ' Is  Exclude field ' checkbox for all fields so that they can be edited by all backendusers.The problem was that record from this table for editing was not displaying any fields.

After much hit and trial i have noticed that when i create a record for this table in the backend it displays the form for creation of a record for the table.Now i enter all/some field values including the 'display_record' field(Suppose i enter xyz for display_record'). When i try to save this record , it dislays a javascript message saying 'This  change will affect which fields are availbale in the form. Would you like to save  now in order to refresh the display?' when i click yes the screen refreshes to a screen where no fields are displayed for either viewing or editing.The Web>>List>>Some sysfolder displays an entry for the table by the name of 'xyz' but on clicking the pencil icon for editing the  record fields no fields are displayed. On the contrary,,, when i again create a record on this table by enetering values for everyother field other than ' display_record' and  now save the record,the screen refreshes to an edit form where fields are available for viewing and ediitng. The Web>>List>>Some sysfolder  displays this record of the table as '[No title]' but on clicking the pencil icon against it, the edit form opens up where fields are displayed for editing.

Can anybody expain to me the reason for this  behaviour.

Parul Misra
Srijan Technologies.
email:parul at srijan.co.in

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