[Typo3] New Extension: fe_mail (FE Internal Mail)

Joshua Preston jpreston at americatab.com
Sun Mar 20 23:58:05 CET 2005

Hey guys,

I'm sure you are sick of hearing from me, but I've just uploaded a new 
extension to the TER.

While it is still far from complete, it does have limited functionality.

fe_mail : FE Internal Mail

It's a front end plugin that allows front end users to send messages 
(HTML/RTE) to each other.  I'm not sure if anyone else has a need for 
such a beast, but I know my company did.  I'm still fairly new to Typo3 
Development, and I'm hitting some road blocks...

Anyhow, some of its current features include:

    * Compose Message utilizes cross browser RTE
    * TO, CC and BCC
    * Message Priority
    * Inbox sorting (date, subject, sender, priority)

It still has a few bugs that I'm going to need some assistance to fix if 
anyone has any time...

known bugs:

    * tx_femail_pi1 (Message Center/Inbox)
          o Total Message # (1 of xxxx) displays total messages on
            server, when it should display the total messages for the
            current user.
          o No reply/forward/delete
          o Needs to be moved to use a template
          o Needs translation from EN
          o Does not handle return reciepts
    * tx_femail_pi2 (Message Compose)
          o (optional) needs a searchable user list
          o needs error message handling
          o needs to be moved to use a template
    * tx_femail_pi3 (Inbox Status)
          o not yet started

Anyhow, ANY help would be greatly appreciated!


Joshua Preston
jpreston at americatab.com

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