[Typo3] Question on "Modern Template Building" tutorial (css_styled_content)

Daniel Doesburg typo3 at doesburg.biz
Sun Mar 20 08:57:46 CET 2005

Hi Wes,

Two things,

1. AFAIK mtb works fine with older versions of styled_content.
2. Probably you have disabled (by default) the permission to write in 
the global extension dir. Enable it with the insall tool.



Wes Rood schreef:
> Hello!
> I'm going through the tutorial, and I'm into the section where the 
> template is modified to actually show the page content:
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_tut_templselect/Inserting_page_conte/ 
> Where it instructs me to install the css_styled_content extension, I see 
> that that extension is already installed, though doesn't appear to be 
> the latest version when it consults the online extension repository.
> Frontend
>        CSS styled content     css_styled_content     0.2.2     0.1.0    
> Global         3.8.0-dev     5.0.1     158 K/62 K     29483/11675    
> Beta     cms
> While the tutorial shows that it's not already installed and says you 
> must install it.
> If I click the button to update the version, I get an error:
> Error: Installation is not allowed in this path (typo3/ext/)
> The tutorial has a comment about being written in Jan 04, so maybe 
> things have changed since then.
> So I don't know what to do next.  I'd like to be able to get the body 
> text into my template.  Can anyone help?
> Thank you !

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