[Typo3] BE emailing members/groups

Joshua Preston jpreston at americatab.com
Fri Mar 18 22:47:25 CET 2005


I am not entirely sure what you are asking, I have been unable to find a 
Front End mail system.  However, if you just want to send them an email, 
you only need to use/configure the directmail or one of the variances.  
If however, you wanted a "web mail' interface which can only be accessed 
from the web site, there are none.  I am actually working on one right 
now, it will allow front end users to send/recieve messages.  It will 
eventually have a new home in the TER for it, tentative, fe_mail ;-)


Joshua Preston

David Harnig wrote:

>Hello list,
>Sorry if I'm just missing something, but I would like to send out an
>email to all the members of our intranet and/or all members in a
>specific user group.
>Is there something already built in or do I need an extension?
>I tried searching the archive but I just wasn't using the right keywords
>I guess to get relevent results.
>Thanks for any help.
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