[Typo3] Command-line tools?

Joe Kralicky joe2004 at kralicky.com
Fri Mar 18 19:29:30 CET 2005

Hi List,

Are there any command-line tools for Typo3 for use during extension 
development?  Specifically I'm looking for a tool or tools that would 
accomplish the following:
1. Update ext_emconf.php based on the current set of files
2. create a .t3x extension file for the current files in my directory.

This would help in a development environment where we create many 
extensions (for a private intranet) using a build process (like "make"). 
     Copying files to the server and manually updating ext_emconf.php 
and creating the extension file can be somewhat cumbersome.

Thanks for any input!

Best regards,
Joe Kralicky

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