[Typo3] LDAP: Password not accepted

Volker Seitz volker.seitz at samtec.de
Fri Mar 18 17:31:41 CET 2005

Hi there,

we are new in using typo3.

After a log journey we have finished the installation of Typo3 3.7.0
under Windows 2003 IIS6 PHP5.0.3 MYSQL 4.1.10. Everthing
works great. If somebody like to know how we did it - just ask.

Now we like to connect our AD 2003 over LDAP to TYPO3.

We've got the connection and imported some users from AD to BE Users. Now we like to login with these imported users. The thing is there comes an error reporting "Password not accepted" in cc_devlog. What went wrong? Does anybody knows any solution?

673  t3lib_userAuth No user session found.    
672  t3lib_userAuth logoff: ses_id = 5d9cf7ec8ecf1b64020657d70ed84284    
671  t3lib_userAuth Fetch session ses_id = 5d9cf7ec8ecf1b64020657d70ed84284    
670  t3lib_userAuth Call checkLogFailures: warningEmail: Volker.Seitz at ..; warningPeriod: 3600; warningMax: 3;     
669  t3lib_userAuth Login failed: uid: 17; username: vs;     
668  t3lib_userAuth authUserBE auth services called: ,tx_euldap_sv1,tx_sv_auth    
667  tx_sv_auth Password not accepted: 1b858953889a18..................
666  tx_ccsvauthdemo_sv1 Password not accepted:     
665  t3lib_userAuth Auth user: uid: 17; pid: 0; tstamp: 1111147369; username: vs; password: somepasswort; admin: 1; usergroup:; disable: 0; starttime: 0; endtime: 0; lang: de; email: Volker.Seitz at ..; db_mountpoints:; options: 3; crdate: 1111147005; cruser_id: 0; realName: Volker Seitz; userMods:; allowed_languages:; uc: a:19:{s:14:"inter...; file_mountpoints:; fileoper_perms: 31; lockToDomain:; disableIPlock: 0; deleted: 0; TSconfig:; lastlogin: 0; createdByAction: 0; usergroup_cached_list:; description:; tx_ldapserver_dn:;     
664  t3lib_userAuth 1 user records found by services    
663  t3lib_userAuth getUserBE auth services called: ,tx_euldap_sv1,tx_sv_auth    
662  t3lib_userAuth User found: uid: 17; username: vs;     
661  tx_sv_auth User found: uid: 17; username: vs;     
660  t3lib_userAuth SV setup:     
659  t3lib_userAuth logoff: ses_id = 5d9cf7ec8ecf1b64020657d70ed84284    
658  t3lib_userAuth Fetch session ses_id = 5d9cf7ec8ecf1b64020657d70ed84284    
657  t3lib_userAuth logoff: ses_id = 5d9cf7ec8ecf1b64020657d70ed84284    
656  t3lib_userAuth Active login (eg. with login form)    
655  t3lib_userAuth Login data: status: login; uname: vs; uident: 1b858953889a18c71...; chalvalue:; uident_text: clearpw......; uident_challenged: e850331cc7...; uident_superchallenged: 1b8589538...;     
654  t3lib_userAuth Login type: BE    
653  t3lib_userAuth ## Beginning of auth logging. 

Thanks for reply
- Volker Seitz (thunderhawk2005)

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