[Typo3] Index searching the right areas

Matt Webb matty at thesparklab.com
Fri Mar 18 11:47:55 CET 2005

Hi list

I have set up quite a complex network of site's with typo 3 and im having problems getting the indexed search engine to search the parts that i want.

First of all, i have 3 main sites on the first tree level - all completely different. Then on the second level for one of the sites, i have it split in to two different sub-sites, for 2 different languages. DK and EN, and both have their own root level template and their own search page, but for some reason the search is searching everything under the level 1 site thus bringing up pages from the DK site on the EN search page and vice versa. When i set the search.rootPidList on the template to the root page of the relevant site (a level 2 page) it doesnt work at all... ??? But if i set dont set it at all, it works, but with the undesired results as outlined above ??

I have also set the starting point on the search page, but this seams to be ignored and it is searching outside that page...

Could someone let me know if im doing something wrong ??? Or does the indexed search only work with the top level of the tree structure when told an area to search.

Am i making sense ??


Kind regards


- Matt  Webb (mattwebb)

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