[Typo3] setting up multilanguage / multilingual content

Wes Rood wes9999 at myfastmail.com
Fri Mar 18 06:20:45 CET 2005

I'm sorry, but I am very new to templates.  Are you saying that the last 
steps (5 and 6) of Kasper's documentation do not need to be performed, 
and instead I just do something with that HMENU "special" setting?

Can you please detail exactly what I need to type where to get the flags 
to show on my pages?

I'm working with the quick start site.

I tried putting:
lib.langMenu = HMENU
lib.langMenu.special = language
lib.langMenu.special.value = 0,1,2
lib.langMenu.1 = GMENU
lib.langMenu.1.NO {
  XY = [5.w]+4, [5.h]+4
  backColor = white
  5 = IMAGE
  5.file = media/flags/flag_uk.gif  || media/flags/flag_fr.gif  || 
  5.offset = 2,2
lib.langMenu.1.ACT < lib.langMenu.1.NO
lib.langMenu.1.ACT.backColor = black
lib.langMenu.1.USERDEF1 < lib.langMenu.1.NO
lib.langMenu.1.USERDEF1.5.file = media/flags/flag_uk_d.gif  || 
media/flags/flag_fr_d.gif  || media/flags/flag_es_d.gif
lib.langMenu.1.USERDEF1.noLink = 1

into the "setup" section of the template, but nothing happened.

Once I get it working, I'm sure I'll understand it, I just need some 
more explanation.

Thanks for the help.

JoH wrote:

>>If anyone could give me specific directions, on enabling some type of
>>language selector on my pages, it would be greatly appreciated!
>TSref --> HMENU
>special = language
>This has been added to HMENU after most of the multilanguage docs were
>written. So it's easy to miss ...

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