[Typo3] Typo Templates For Idiots?

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Mar 17 22:54:52 CET 2005

> Maybe one of you can help me out.  I'm trying to understand Typo3's
> template model, and so far it has utterly defeated me.  The
> documentation is more confusing than helpful -- it throws you into the
> TypoScript waters without adequately explaining what the scripts are
> doing, or where to put them.  Result is I get nowhere.
> Here's what I'm trying to do:
> 1) Create a layout in XHTML
> 2) Mark out regions of the XHTML file for Typo to insert content into
> 3) Load this document into Typo as a template
> 4) Apply this template to a page in the pagetree successfully (so that
> the front-end updates with the new layout).

This is exactly descriebd in the GoLive Tutorial.

> This can't possibly be as hard as it seems to be.  Is there a document
> out there that lays this stuff out in painfully simple terms for
> people like me who just don't get it?  I'm not dumb, I understand PHP
> just fine and even templating frameworks like Smarty, so I know that
> if it was laid out the right way I can get it.  I just can't find
> anywhere where it's laid out the right way -- I've searched the docs,
> combed the mailinglist archives and watched the video tutorials and
> they all leave me more confused than enlightened.  Help!  :)

Well - somebody compared it to a situation where a well educated car
mechanic who is used to handle all parts of his Opel without any problems
first meets the engine of an unknown spaceship.
But after learning all things you need to handle it, isn't it more fun
flying a spaceship than driving a car? ;-)

You should start here:

Then after you know what you're doing maybe go further here:
or here:

Although I prefer to do it the way it is done in the first tutorial and
create the rest on my own using these three:

After a while you will get used to the TYPO3 way and only need the last one
to check out some parameters and attributes.

Have fun ;-)


> -- Jason Lefkowitz

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