[Typo3] Newsletter extension

Robert Markula robert.markula at gmx.net
Thu Mar 17 20:46:29 CET 2005

Kraft Bernhard wrote:
> Then use the quickmail feature of the Dmailer:
> http://www.libelle.at/kraftb/quickmail.png

Thanks for the screenshot, it gave me a good idea of this feature. 
However, I think I will stick to the da_newsletter_subscription, since 
quickmail basically provides the same (da_newsletter_subscription + 
e-mail client) plus adds more dependencies that I want to avoid.

I was hoping for a mailing system where the sender name and e-mail 
address can be preconfigured by the admin for consistency and usability 
(the senders of the newsletters will be "normal" editors), but quickmail 
doesn't seem to provide this. So basically there's no difference between 
quickmail and any standard mail client (which may be preffered in other 
cases, but as I said, I need a simple solution) in connection with the 
newsletter extension.


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