[Typo3] Typo3 on SQL Server

John Nicholas typo3user at mobosplash.com
Thu Mar 17 15:49:16 CET 2005

I have used Typo3 on quite a few sites with the typical 
linux/apache/mysql  approach but have started to run into more clients 
that are really stuck in the IIS/SQL Server world. I think I would be 
pretty comfortable with php running behind IIS using Zend WinEnabler or 
FastCGI but I'm more worried about the SQL Server side.

 I know a lot of work has been done on the DBAL over that last year but 
I haven't seen a report on what is lost running other databases. Does 
the base install work fine but many extensions fail?  Does only some of 
the core install work?  is it not ready at all?

Let's try not to argue the relative merits or shortcomings of Windows 
servers. I recognize that linux is the better platform for php apps, 
this is strictly for clients where it is politically impossible to 
introduce linux or apache or have too much legacy asp code that still 
needs to be run.

Thanks, John

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