[Typo3] Conditional header to plugin

Matias Öberg matias.oberg at phatbot.com
Thu Mar 17 14:57:24 CET 2005

Hi List,

I want to add a heading to the plugin jpstaff which I'm using on a site.

I'm using the following code in my template.
   subparts.CONTACT_BOX = COA
   subparts.CONTACT_BOX {
         10 = TEXT
         10.value = <h3>Contacts</h3>
         20 < plugin.tx_jpstaff_pi1

This looks OK on pages where I added a contact.
But this also adds the header to pages where there are no contacts added.

I want to be able to add the heading only if the plugin contains data.

Please give me som pointers on how I should set up the conditional 

Matias Oberg

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