[Typo3] Print Page and Autoparser

Jogvan Olsen jo at atlanticvideo.dk
Thu Mar 17 10:29:40 CET 2005

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong in my setup of make_printlink 
version 1.5.

I'm using Template Auto-parser.

My problem is that I don't get the right page uid in my Print link.

In my TS Constant I have:

#Print template

plugin.alt.print.file.template = fileadmin/template/sub/print.html

In my Auto-parser section in TS Setup I have:

subpartMarker.PAGE_UID = TEXT

subpartMarker.PAGE_UID.field = uid

In my Include static:

plugin.alt.print (98)

In my html template I have this link:

<a href="/index.php?id=#PAGE_UID&type=98" target=_blank 
alt="Printerfriendly version">Print version </a>

When I select 'print version' the only thing that happened is that a new 
browser window is opened with my front page, with this in the address bar: 

The PAGE_UID doesn't get the UID of the page.



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