[Typo3] Website Very Slow in IE but fast in Firefox

Peter van Mourik pvmourik at brilmij.nl
Wed Mar 16 15:13:38 CET 2005

Hey Sandy,

At a first glance I think the problem resides in the csshover.htc file.
I haven't really looked into that file, but when I load the page without
that its very fast.

Good luck!


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Sandy Matheson wrote:
> Can anyone suggest why our website might be so slow in Internet
> Explorer?
> Initially we thought the problem was the size of the menus and changed
> these. This has reduced the code on most pages by something like 2000
> lines - but the pages are still slow. In fact in IE6 they almost
> appear to stop.
> Take a look at:
> http://portsmouth.anglican.org/info.html and any of the sub-pages.
> In IE6 the status bar says 'Done' fairly quickly, the blue loading
> indicator on the status bar goes virtually to 100% and then stops and
> the page locks for anything up to 3-4 seconds! And I am using 2mb
> Broadband!
> Why would IE seem to load almost everything and then stop for seconds?

You should definately have a look at this. It locked up my laptop (PIII 
800 MHz, 256MB RAM) for nearly one minute at first load. After the page 
was locally cached by IE, the loading went faster, thought still 
rendering the laptop nearly unaccessible for 10-20 seconds.

It loaded the page quite quickly, but when it started loading the 
images, it seemed to stop.

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