[Typo3] FE render error after install modified extension

Rainer Kuhn kuhn at punkt.de
Wed Mar 16 14:42:57 CET 2005

Diederik van Veen wrote:

> I wanted to create a new extension based on an existing extension, but 
> keep the original one aswell. So I copy pasted the original extension 
> folder in typo3conf/ext and modified all its files (names changes inside 
> php files and filenames)  accordingly. After install this modified 
> extension works fine in BE, but in FE results in a fatal error:
> Fatal error: Cannot redeclare deba() (previously declared in 
> C:\apache\htdocs\typo3conf\ext\jw_calendar\pi1\class.tx_jwcalendar_pi1_library.php:1474) 
> in 
> C:\apache\htdocs\typo3conf\ext\jw_callforpapers\pi1\class.tx_callforpapers_pi1_library.php 
> on line 1448
> while the funny thing is there are no 1448 lines (so how can i retrieve 
> the error), but in general anyone has an idea what could be going wrong 
> here. What is deba() ??

Hi Diederick,

deba is a function declared in class.tx_jwcalendar_pi1_library.php (see 

   function debA($a){
         foreach($a as $w => $s)
             echo "$w => ".$s.' <br>'; //['uid']

It seems not to be part of a class, so if you copied the file to a new 
extension, this function is double declared - this causes the error.


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