[Typo3] Modern Template Building part 2+3

Mads Larsen madsgormlarsen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 09:31:48 CET 2005


Thanks to both of you, nice to know I am not alone with the problem, and thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping that someone might have made a tutorial named “How to get trough MTB part 2”, or something to that effect. 

I can do a little bit of PHP programming, but it seams to me, that when you get to something like the code listings on page 17-18, one is in doubt whether this is just “use it as it stands, and worry about what it means if your extra interested code”, or whether this is “you have to understand this in detail, for next time your on your own, you will need to produce code in this manner”. It is not so much a matter of knowing or not knowing php, but I am losing the grater picture, I simply have no idea were the document is heading, and I am not quite sure what it is I can not do with my knowledge from part 1, which I can do if I get the knowledge from part 2. 

Well, I am going to keep knocking my head against this a little longer, and then I look in to your suggestions.

If you should begin reading part 2 again, please write me, so we can chat about all the issues. I can be reached on MS messenger madsgormlarsen(-AT-)hotmail.com

- Mads Larsen (madslarsen)

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