[Typo3] Permissions for users from certain ip-range

Matthias Nagl mnagl at web.de
Tue Mar 15 21:04:28 CET 2005


I'd like to grant users from a certain IP-Subnet permissions for several sites. I created a FE-usergroup for this people and would like them to get the rights of this group without logging in (they should have the continuing ability to login into an additional FE-usergroup).

I know the possibilities to use conditions but want that the pages are only visible to this IP-based group. I have several Menus and it would be very unaesthetic to make exceptions for every one of them. Much better ist the solution with an automounted FE-usergroup.

I found an extension that is doing exactly what I am looking for. It ist called "Auth: IPmaskMountGroups". But sadly it is not working. Maybe the reason ist that I have also installed the "ingmar_accessctrl"-Extension. Is there any other solution for this?


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