[Typo3] Modern Template Building part 2+3

Constantinescu Nicolaie kosson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 19:01:56 CET 2005

Hi Mads				

Hye, I'm a newbie myself, but after quite some time I realized that learnig the ways of Typo3 is in fact learning TypoScript, so I started to read as you do now  [Typo3] Modern Template Building part 2+3. I found it  frustrating so I started an extensive research upon document and to my aid came along under my eyes this beauty: TypoScript By Example (Extension Key: doc_core_tsbyex).
I'm learning the ways of Typo3 with this one. It is a bit hard for me because I'm not used to the programming side of the things, but i want perfection for my project and this is the way.
So, the is a small catch. Read this material having TSref (Extension Key: doc_core_tsref) next  to you... you'll se what I mean :)

Best regards my friend

- Constantinescu Nicolaie (kosson)

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