[Typo3] Flexible Content and New Content wizard

Jan Wulff messages at janwulff.de
Tue Mar 15 10:24:34 CET 2005

> Is there also a dynamic solution? I mean it is possible to set a icon 
> and description in the templavoila. How can I read them in my 
> wizardArray function, so when a new flexform is created they will 
> atomatic list in the wizard?
I don't think so, I hope we get one in 3.8. There is an extension to remove
denied fields from the wizard, but as far as I know, it don't work with
TemplaVoila. But after you've created your own extension and extended the
wizard for the first time, it's an expenditure of maybe 60 seconds to add
or delete fields.

I would nearly always create a user extension (f.e. user_yoursitename) from
the beginning, to have all the little precision settings you have to do in
PHP in one place.

In the case you didn't worked with PHP before, I could mail you an example.


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