[Typo3] Flexible Content and New Content wizard

Burkhard Pauli mail at bpauli.de
Tue Mar 15 07:02:06 CET 2005

Jan Wulff schrieb:
>>is there now solution or workaround to list the flexible content element 
>>with preview in the list of new content wizard?
> you have to extend the db_new_content_el.php by yourself. Create your own
> extension, add a file named ux_db_new_content_el.php and for example add
> this to your ext_localconf.php (user_extension is the name of your
> extension):
> $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['XCLASS']['ext/templavoila/mod1/db_new_content_el.php']
> = t3lib_extMgm::extPath('user_extension').'ux_db_new_content_el.php';


> Then extend the tx_templavoila_dbnewcontentel class by a class named
> ux_tx_templavoila_dbnewcontentel and copy the wizardArray function to this
> new class. You can then easily set your own elements in the wizard. Use the
> existing values as templates.


Is there also a dynamic solution? I mean it is possible to set a icon 
and description in the templavoila. How can I read them in my 
wizardArray function, so when a new flexform is created they will 
atomatic list in the wizard?

thanks a lot!


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