[Typo3] Printer Friendly Function

Peter typo3 at peterbee.xsmail.com
Mon Mar 14 18:39:31 CET 2005

Hi there

Appreciate some simple help please.

How do I implement a "Printer Friendly" link in each and every regular
text element?  (using typo3 ver 3.7)

Some brief background. A dedicated and knowledable TYPO3 programmer some
time ago setup a working template for me to use (that is the only thing
I need to do is add text elements, image elements, new pages etc etc). 
However the typo3 programmer currently can't do any more work on
enhacing the template or adding an extensions etc.  Certainly I'm not
experienced enough to do that sort of back end programming.  All I can
do and am quite comfortable doing is adding the various content
elements, adding pages, creating shortcuts etc.

Our website is nearly ready for launch (just a few extra pages to be
added and some correction to existing text/images.)

One other key thing I want to implement is the ability of a front-end
user to click a "printer friendly" link which will give her/him a simple
page containing only the text without the navigation structure elements
and any images (normally I keep images in different elements anyway). 

The printer friendly function can be a temporary "fix" as hopefully the
typo3 progammer, when he gets some time, will implement a permanant
solution using a typo3 extension globally.

So the temporary solution could be say some code (cgi/php?) I could
download and embed in the HTML code or perhaps a typo3 easy solution.  I
just need a temporary easy "fix" for now.  I don't mind even if I have
to go and edit each text element if a global solution is not possible. 
(there are only about 60 main text elements anyway).



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