[Typo3] Cannot edit records

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Mon Mar 14 10:35:38 CET 2005

Parul wrote:
> I have created a sysfolder to display all records from a table. When i do a 'Web>List' on the sysfolder i am able to see all records in the table but on clicking on any edit icon against a record , i do not see any fields that can be edited.
> Any clues???

I guess you're using a normal "not-Admin" account.

When you created the Table with the kickstarter and didn't uncheck the "Exclude field" checkbox
beneath each field you create then these fields will be exclude-fields and will just be visible to a user
if you check the "Allowed Ecludefields" Checkboxes for the respective fields in the BE-User/Group.

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