[Typo3] "home"-link in Template

Irene Höppner irene.hoeppner at isinett.de
Sun Mar 13 19:31:58 CET 2005

Hi Reinhard,

> thanks for your suggestion - unfortunately it did not work -
> although I now have a base href= in my header, the link is still
> "www.myserver/mysite/FILEADMIN/TEMPLATE/.." -

I guess you're using the template autoparser with a marker inside the href
of an a-tag.

If so, you'll have to change it to using the typolink-function, which is a
better way anyways:

HTML f.e.:
<div id="homelink"><a href="#">Home</a></div>

Typoscript part:
subparts.homelink = TEXT
subparts.homelink {
  value = Home
  typolink.parameter = home

Set the alias-Field of your "Home"-page to "home" and you're done - without
any hardcoded uids.



Irene Höppner

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