[Typo3] form mail: mail doesn't arrive, how to debug?

Martin Poelstra martin at beryllium.net
Sun Mar 13 18:49:11 CET 2005

Hi Georg,

> my (standard) form mails seem to not beeing sent, at least I don't
> receive them in my test inbox.
> The install tool test mail arrives, as do the login warnings, so the
> basic setup of the web server and Typo3 seems to be OK.

We had a similar problem once. Here's what we did:

Make sure the webserver-user (e.g. www or www-data) can receive mails too, 
so bounces actually arrive and can be examined.
>From this, we noted that the mails were sometimes bounced, because of 
By default, the forms are base64 encoded, but the spam-filters didn't like 
that. Fortunately, there's a way
to tell the form to be encoded quoted-printable, which worked OK for us. 
(Btw: only a few forms needed the quoted-printable setting, strangely 

To enable quoted-printable, add a hidden field to your mailform with name 
"quoted_printable" (without the quotes) and value "1".
You should see the following in the HTML-output of your page:

<input type="hidden" name="quoted_printable" id="quoted_printable" value="1" 


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