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Paul Sanderson pauls at iicservices.com
Sat Mar 12 10:54:56 CET 2005

> I've used other community open source projects before and the typo3.org
> site
> is the slowest (not so much a criticism as frustration on a personal
> level).
> Of course I am on the other side of the atlantic and over here its still
> friday :)
> /Nagita

Really? I never noticed any speed difference between typo3.org and other
sites. Maybe from the other side of the globe from the United States
[where Australia is if anyone hasn't heard of it yet ;-) ] everything is

Our telecoms down here have a huge quality of service and cost
effectiveness issues. Which, of course, our government doesn't give a
'hoot' about. Makes it hard for our web hosts to compete with you guys up

Best regards,

Paul Sanderson
--- iibscdev ---
pauls at iicservices.com

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