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Paul Sanderson pauls at iicservices.com
Sat Mar 12 09:58:04 CET 2005

Hi Nagita,

I'm not sure it 'is' maintenance to the typo3.org or typo3.com web sites
themselves. I've been watching it happen all day (been trying to do
without typo3.org) and it seems the site is there, then isn't. It's not
like we're getting any cache regeneration messages which would indicate
modificaitons to core parts of the typo3 sites.

It might be a web server, hardware or network issue. Anyone?

http://netfielders.de/ seems to be there but monk1.nefiedlers.de (the web
server for typo3.org??) isn't working half the time (apart from giving
error messages about supposedly 'missing' typo3 pages). So I don't think
it's a full site rebuild (from source) if it's there then not every minute
or so.

The trace routes seem to get to netfielders.de but not to
monk1.netfielders.de. Hmmm ... maybe the problem starts after
ge-0-0.customer3.dus1.de.inetbone.net where the trace ends?

For e.g.
>The requested URL /documentation/mailing-lists/dev-list-archive/ was not
found on this server.
>Apache/1.3.27 Server at monk1.netfielders.de Port 80

Which is odd since it's not monk1.netfielders.de [] that
hosts typo3.org according to DNS records, it's www.typo3.org
[] (unless that server has multiple IPs).

So again, I suspect there isn't much the typo3.org or typo3.com people can
do about it if the actual server, or access to it, is expericing
intermittant failure.

Maybe it's time to take a Saturday off for the TYPO3 workacholics out there.

Best regards,

Paul Sanderson
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> Hello,
> I know Typo3.org is down. Is it down for maintenance or otherwise?
> If it was for maintenance, a list notification would have been helpful.
> /Nagita
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