[Typo3] ThunderBird 1.0 Win Users: Do you have problems with T3 mailing lists?

Boris Senker typo3 at dvotocka.hr
Fri Mar 11 17:34:27 CET 2005

Jakob Rohde wrote:
> Hi Boris,
> I also use Thunderbird, and I must admit that it is very buggy. I have 
> the same experience as you, and other things as well, such as problems 
> with correct updating of the trash can. Often I have to exit the 
> program, reenter and maybe I can empty the trash can.
> These problems were alsp present in the beta and I was surpised they 
> released 1.0 with so many bugs.

The funny thing is... I didn't have such issues with 0.9x.

Well... uninstall.exe and goodbye, I suppose. I am fed up with this, I 
don't know anymore if my posts get posted but I don't see them or they 
don't get to list....

Boris Senker

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