[Typo3] ThunderBird 1.0 Win Users: Do you have problems with T3 mailing lists?

Pierre pierre at web-lance.com
Fri Mar 11 17:22:24 CET 2005

Boris Senker a écrit :
> I am going CRAZY over this!
> Every now and then I post a message and it doesn't get displayed. Not at 
> once, not later. I don't even know if I don't see it or it is not there.
> I usually get messages to typo3.english list without a problem, but have 
> serious problems with some project pages. And sometimes with English list.
> Does anyone use Thunderbird 1.0 on Windows and have such problems?
> Boris Senker
> : dvotocka design
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> J. Laurencica 8, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
> http://www.dvotocka.hr

Here i use thunderbird 1.0 on a windows xp box and all works fine


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