[Typo3] Installing Indexed Search Engine plugin

Christian Boxer christianboxer at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 11 13:34:53 CET 2005


I've recently discovered Typo3 (great product) and I'm hoping to use it for an intranet.  At the moment I'm trying to evaluate the "Indexed Search Engine" plugin...

I've installed the Quickstart Windows installation successfully and downloaded the extension file 'T3X_indexed_search-2_1_3.t3x' which I 'uploaded' via the Extension Manager into ../typo3conf/ext

I then followed the usage instructions and created a new 'search' page.  But when I tried to add the indexed search plugin as new page content I ran into problems:

The 'Indexed Search' plugin does not appear in the dropdown list of plugins.
All I can see is:

- Guestbook
 -Mini news
- Board, List
- Board, Tree

In the Extension Manager, 'Indexed search' (v2.1.3) appears as a loaded extension , and it's type is 'Local GL' (the 'GL'  is in red text).

Can anyone please tell me why I can't actually use the Indexed Search plugin that I appear to have installed?  What am I missing?


- Christian Boxer (christianboxer)

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