[Typo3] Article input for Typo3 - simple software or php script ?

Torben Dam Jensen tdj at c.dk
Fri Mar 11 09:01:08 CET 2005

Hope this is the right group to ask about this..

I am about to implement T3 tt_news in our company, and I
thought about this:  

once implemented, is there any existing solution to
make creation of news articles simple and quick ? I like
the Typo3 backend, but it still is time-consuming to log
in, find the page and the icon, click add, etc etc.

What I was considering is:
Since news articles are just entries in the table tt_news
(given that categories have been defined) - it would be a lot
faster to have a local-access only software or simple
php form that could be used to type in the news, click "OK" and
directly have the news published.

This could either be an intranet form, or a Visual basic program,
or something like that.

But does it exist ? Did anyone else consider the need to have
easy, fast, simple publishing for news creators in a company
that are confused by the T3 backed ?

Of course, all the things like conversion from normal dates
to timestamp, and the default settings in the tables should
happen transparently in the background. 

Hope someone has some input on this.


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