[Typo3] form mail: mail doesn't arrive, how to debug?

Georg Rehfeld georg.rehfeld at gmx.de
Fri Mar 11 04:36:51 CET 2005


my (standard) form mails seem to not beeing sent, at least I don't
receive them in my test inbox.

The install tool test mail arrives, as do the login warnings, so the
basic setup of the web server and Typo3 seems to be OK.

Note, that I'm in a hosted environment (Confixx type :-(, without any
serious options, especially no access to web server error logs).

Even with the Admin panel blown to full size (all options on) I don't
see any error message, when sending a message.

Any hints, how to DEBUG this issue?

I'm using Typo3 V 3.7.0, unpatched, with minimal extensions (TV V 0.3.0
and it's dependencies).

A similar setup worked on another site. When I shall provide more
details, you'll get them at any time

Thanks helping, Georg
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