[Typo3] Display own records in "page" module

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Thu Mar 10 21:21:30 CET 2005


Kraft Bernhard schrieb:
> andreas stein wrote:
>> I try to figure out how it's possible to show the records of own 
>> extension in the 'page module'?
> I can't figure out what you want to achieve by that ... or what you want 
> to do.
> The "Page" module is written especially for displaying tt_content ... If 
> you want
> to insert some self-written "thingy" into a Column of a Page (via the 
> Page Module)
> then you should create a Frontend-Plugin and insert that.

scan-mode again?

He talks about the BE.

Have a look at tt_news for example...

There is a way to achieve that(afair it's kind of hardcoded for tt_news 
so that probably dont serve as an example), sorry can't give you a hint 
right away though. Shouldn't be hard to find...

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