[Typo3] mini news

massimo massimo at aria99.com
Thu Mar 10 18:11:00 CET 2005

I am building a group of page based on a rather simple template.
on the left I put (using tagged subparts) a mini news instance (set to 
teaser mode) when i click to the single news header need  to jump
to a special page (id:23), for reading the complete news.
(while the side news field should remain in teaser mode)
this is what I wrote in the main template setup 

temp.mnews < plugin.tx_mininews_pi1
temp.mnews.CMD = FP
temp.mnews.pid = 23
temp.mnews.pidList = 23
subparts.sidenews < temp.mnews 

of course in the page 23 i put an mini new content object,
set to list mode. 

well, it does not work:
when i click on the news link the news appear on the same page,
switching to list mode, with no jump to the correct page... 

any helps?

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